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Driving Simulator and Test System


Authorized by ShenGang Drive Training Group.


Position: chief engineer of the software team

  • Programmed the data model of a car, based on principles of car and physical parameters of real Volkswagen Jetta car.

  • Developed driving test system.

Abstract: This system has been exhibited in 2013 China International Hi-Tech Fair. The system aims to develop a high- fidelity driving simulator (with simulated Chinese Driving Test embedded), including hardware and software (powered by Unity3D), to be used in driving schools. This project has been sold to ShenGang Drive Training Group as a long-term product. 

Tool and Language: Unity 3D; Microsoft Visual Studio; C#; JavaScript

Principles and Algorithms: External Characteristic Curve, Empirical Formulas for Car Engine, Macpherson Suspension Principle; Hooke's Law; the Tire Magic Formula Model.

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